Cell Phone Location & Analysis


Cell Phone Forensics & Location Analysis

Cell phones now collect and contain more information about people than their computers. Courts are beginning to recognize this and are mandating the collection and preservation of phone data related to litigation and public record act requests. We are constantly updating our mobile forensics tools to be on the leading edge of cell phone forensics and data recovery, supporting the recovery of data from hundreds of device models. 

Information we can often recover includes deleted text messages, email, location data, cell tower data, photos, call logs and voicemail messages, as well as analyzing for recent activity. Our cell tower location services can help an investigation by pinpointing the location of a phone during a certain point in time.  We have the tools and expertise to analyze not only the cell phones, but also call detail records from cell phone providers. We have been certified by courts as experts and provided testimony regarding cell phone forensics and cell tower location analysis, both in civil court and criminal cases.

The Need for Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones often have the evidence that will resolve a key issue and take the case out of the realm of “he said she said.”  Not only relevant content can be had, but other information about the content is often available via forensics for the following data types:

Even photos from the phone may provide critical information for an investigation. Photos taken with a cell phone record very accurate GPS location data unless the user has set the phone not to do so. That GPS data travels with the photo. The photos on the phone can be useful to establish location at a particular time for the user or a person who sent the photo via a messaging app. Many apps have their own information gathering going on, much of which is not visible to the user, and we can examine for that data to see if information relevant to a case is present.

As experienced and licensed investigators, we assist clients with fact finding beyond digital investigations and forensics. Traditional investigation methods such as interviews and public record research often compliment our fact-finding missions.

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